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The VISTA Campus will migrate to a new site on June 4. In preparation for the move, the creation of new user accounts is paused. Also, at this time new posts on the discussion forums or the job board will not be migrated.

On June 4, users will again be able to create new accounts and post on the discussion forums. The job board will no longer be available.
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VISTA Program Overview
Introduce your sub-site supervisors to VISTA, your project, and their responsibilities.
VISTA Member Recruitment Calendar
Generate recruitment milestones based on member start dates.
The VISTA Assignment
Learn how to write, adapt, and use the VAD.
Help your VISTAs succeed with effective supervision

VISTA member success depends on effective supervision. Explore unique aspects of VISTA member supervision and learn to respond to common issues.

Interested in having VISTAs serve at your organization? Learn how to become a VISTA sponsor.

Sponsoring a VISTA project is a great way for organizations to build their capacity to end poverty, but developing the project involves several steps. VISTA 101 helps organizations determine whether VISTA is right for them and VISTA 201 guides them through the application process.

Find support and dive deeper into VISTA resources

See the bigger picture of the VISTA program and explore research that has been done on the program. Get connected to sources of support.

Join the vibrant VISTA forums

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