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Planning for Sustainability with Your AmeriCorps Members

Tuesday, May 18, 2021
2:00 – 3:00 pm ET

Your AmeriCorps members with the VISTA program serve for one year. Whether you need to sustain the work and transition it from one AmeriCorps member to another AmeriCorps member or to the community, planning for sustainability and continuity of key activities is integral to the success of your VISTA project.

The target audience for this session is direct supervisors of AmeriCorps members in the VISTA program as well as VISTA project directors.

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On-Demand Supervisor Webinars

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Virtual AmeriCorps Member Marketing and Recruitment
Reflect on ideas you can use to enhance and customize your marketing and recruitment strategy in a virtual environment. (Recorded 1/26/2021)

Supervisor Q&A: VISTA Member Recruitment
Review general recruitment details and answers to questions on Service Opportunity Listings, Marketing and Outreach, Interviewing and Selecting, and Other Recruitment Questions. (Recorded 7/7/2020)

Purposefully Planning the Road to Recruitment
Gain insight into how to create, update, and implement a flexible recruitment plan. (Recorded 2/18/2020)

Realities of Rural Recruitment: Remedies and Resources
Discover challenges and opportunities that exist with rural recruitment along with ideas that may help you attract more VISTA applicants. (Recorded 1/28/2020)

Elements of a Recruitment Plan
Explore the elements and resources needed to create a VISTA recruitment plan to help you identify tasks and resources you will need. (Recorded 2/26/2019)

Service Opportunity Listings:

Crafting a Compelling Service Opportunity Listing
Discover different ways to create Service Opportunity Listings that are engaging, persuasive, captivating, accurate, and connected with the VAD to attract interested applicants. (Recorded 04/02/2019)

Leveraging Digital Marketing to Promote Your Opportunity Listings
Learn tips and tricks using digital and electronic marketing to generate the most interest in your opportunity listings. (Recorded 03/01/2018)

VISTA Assignment Descriptions (VADs):

About Your VAD: Creating a Tool for VISTA Success!
Understand the structure, framework, details, and uses of a VISTA Assignment Description (VAD) throughout the VISTA member’s year of service and the life of your VISTA project. (Recorded 5/12/2020) 

About Your VAD: Understanding the Big Picture to Get You Started
Learn the overview, purpose, and basics of the critically important VISTA Assignment Description (VAD) to get started building capacity with your VISTA project. (Recorded 4/21/2020)

Writing Fabulous VADs
Review the key elements that make up an effective VAD that will guide members to build capacity and engage individuals in the organization where they will serve. (Recorded 5/9/2019)

Orienting and Onboarding:

Giving More Thought to Your On-Site Orientation and Training (OSOT)
Enhance your On-Site Orientation and Training (OSOT) with careful thought, attention, and action towards giving your VISTA members an inspiring and engaging first few weeks of service. (Recorded 6/16/2020)

Making the Most of Your On-Site Orientation and Training
Learn how to better prepare your VISTA members before they arrive, so their OSOT experience is more effective. (Recorded 6/13/2019)

Orienting Your VISTA Member: Implementing Your OSOT Plan
Hear from VISTA supervisors as they share stories of how to successfully transition from planning to implementing OSOT and assessing VISTA member skills and readiness for accomplishing their VAD even before they arrive on site. (Recorded 04/18/2018)

Retention & Motivation:

Appreciation is in the Air; Show AmeriCorps Members You Care
Discover innovative ideas from large and small group discussion on how to appreciate, thank, motivate, and inspire your members and leaders. (Recorded 12/1/2020)

Turning Your Attention to VISTA Member Retention
Learn how each and every action you take impacts VISTA member retention and discover examples you can use and adapt to motivate, inspire, and retain your members. (Recorded 7/21/2020)

Coach Your VISTA Members to Success
Join us for this 90-minute session to learn tips for strengthening your coaching skills, improve your supervisor-VISTA member communication, and positively impact project work. (Recorded 5/18/2017)

Helping Your Members Thrive
This session includes firsthand accounts from members who have thrived during service, as well as stories of supervisors who inspired them. (Recorded 12/13/2016)

Management and Supervision:

Supervising AmeriCorps Members: Introduction to Supervision
Learn about the unique aspects of supervising AmeriCorps members with the VISTA program and your roles and responsibilities as a supervisor. (Recorded 4/20/2021)

The Member Management Mambo: Making Moves Matter
Begin making intentional and rhythmic moves to better supervise and manage your VISTA members while also creating a healthy and successful professional relationship. (Recorded 3/17/2020)

VISTA Member Supervision: Six Strategies for Supervision
Understand several ways in which you can increase and improve VISTA member success, satisfaction, and retention through effective and strong supervision. (Recorded 12/17/2019)

Managing VISTAs: Fundamental Supervisory Skills
Gain insight into what to expect when supervising a VISTA member and support the member for a successful year. (Recorded 11/15/2016)

Training and Professional Development:

Training Throughout the VISTA Lifecycle
Understand and find ways to support, guide, and train VISTA members throughout their year of service to accomplish the objectives of their VISTA Assignment Description (VAD). (Recorded 9/17/2019)

Reporting and Data Collection:

Succeeding with the VISTA Progress Report Supplement (VPRS)
Gather insight into the importance of this report and why we collect this data, along with discovering how to access and complete the report. (Recorded 10/13/2020) 

Reporting and Data Collection
Understand the importance of collecting accurate and informative data to tell the story of your VISTA project, and learn about the reports that CNCS requires VISTA projects to complete and submit. (Recorded 8/18/2020) 

Intermediaries and Subsites:

Being an Effective VISTA Sub-Site Supervisor
Explore the essential information that sub-site supervisors need to know to effectively work with their intermediary VISTA project and succeed in their role. (Recorded 12/15/2020)

Orienting VISTA Sub-Site Supervisors
Use the information from this large and small group discussion to plan and develop an effective, informative, and thorough sub-site supervisor orientation. (Recorded 11/17/2020)

The Fundamentals of Managing Multiple VISTA Project Sites
Examine the different types of VISTA projects, methods of effectively managing multiple sites, and suggestions on creating and sustaining strong relationships across your sites. (Recorded 11/19/2019)

Fostering Strong Intermediary and Sub-Site Relationships
Gain insight into how to create strong relationships between intermediaries and sub-sites by learning what to expect when selecting, leading, managing, and supporting one or multiple sub-sites with the VISTA project’s requirements. (Recorded 1/23/2018)

Strategies for Connecting with Sites & VISTAs at a Distance
No matter what size the team or how far the distance, leading remote teams is a challenging task that requires intentionality and creative planning to foster a supportive environment. (Recorded 12/15/2015)

Other Supervisor Webinars:

Teleservice Resources for VISTA Sponsors and Supervisors
Explore key steps to establishing effective teleservice for VISTA members, including setting up teleservice agreements, adjusting work plans, and building strong communication. (Recorded 4/23/2020)

Mental Health, Stress, and Resilience
Discover how to identify and respond to stress, compassion fatigue, and other emotional and mental health situations. Learn ways to practice self-care, support to others, and access resources to assist with the emotional and mental well-being of VISTA members. (Recorded 11/16/2017)

Supervisor and Member Q&A: Mental Health, Stress, and Resilience
Following-up to the “Mental Health, Stress, and Resilience” webinar, learn more details about specific aspects of mental  health that were requested to be discussed, and listen to questions and answers on the topic. (Recorded 12/19/2017)

Beyond VISTA: Project Sustainability Approaches & Strategies
Explore effective practices and ways you can partner with your VISTA member(s) to maximize your project's ability to fulfill its mission and engage community members. (Revised 4/19/2016)

Cost Share Billing: Pay Now Functionality Overview
This webinar introduces the Pay Now system that cost share sponsors can use for paying invoices. (Recorded 07/30/2014)